Synergy Natural


Synergy Natural Products is a Sydney, Australia based manufacturer of Spirulina and Chlorella in tablets, capsules and powder in a wide range of sizes. Synergy Natural Spirulina is the worlds only spring water grown Spirulina, sourced from an environmentally protected natural spring on a sub-tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. The product is packed in Australia to GMP standards. 

Synergy Natural Products was created to provide natural wholefood health products to the consumer at an affordable price with no quality compromise.
Synergy Natural Products are an ethical and philosophical company passionate in our ideals to bring quality and good health to everyone. They are about humanity and morality; care and compassion; being good and fair. The organisation strives to do the right thing
They do not put profit ahead of people, growth ahead of society and communities, technology and production ahead of the natural world or market domination ahead of compassion for humankind.

With Synergy on the label, you can be sure you are getting the finest, most potent Spirulina available at an affordable price with no quality compromise