VitalStrength Pre-Workout Nuclear Grape 225g

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VitalStrength Pre-Workout Nuclear Grape 225g

Explosive Energy - Boost Energy, Focus & Strength

The Best Pre Workout Without the Nasties!

  • Dominate Your Workouts. Maximum Energy - No Crash. 
  • Afternoon Pre-workout - Formulated exclusively to boost energy, muscle pump and strength during afternoon/evening workouts.
  • X3 Triple Concentrate - A triple concentrated nitric oxide boost for maximum workout results without the unwanted side effects.
  • Clinically Proven Ingredients - Packed with active ingredients to ensure you get the most from every workout.

Backed by Science For Results

  • Time Targeted - Specially formulated to smash afternoon energy slumps for increased mental focus and stamina. No night-time crash.
  • Intense Pumps - Loaded with 3000mg nitric oxide boosters supporting vascularity and vasodilation for longer, harder, more intense workouts.
  • Triple Concentrated - Huge creatine and beta-alanine hit for increased energy production, muscle strength, power and endurance.
  • Anabolic Muscle Growth - Mega-dosed with Amino Acids including muscle building BCAAs for optimised protein synthesis, growth and repair.

Maximise Your Peak - No Crash

  • Specially formulated to maximise energy during your body's peak performance zone in the afternoon but then tapers off so sleep is not disturbed.

Epic Taste Explosion

  • Fuel your training with this great tasting workout booster.
  • Max Energy. No Crash - An advanced workout amplifier that delivers powerful muscle pumps and strength increases to improve overall muscle performance without the common pre-workout side effects.
  • Potent Formula - Loaded with the highest nitric-oxide co-factors, 3000mg of AAKG & a potent hit of muscle building amino acids, this innovative and time-targeted formulation has it all.
  • Zero Stimulants - Maximum results without the unwanted side effects including headaches, irritability, sleepless nights, energy crashes and nausea.
  • Zero Added Sugar - Advanced refinement process delivers a powerful formula free from added sugar.


per 100g:

  • L-Arginine 18.0g
  • Tri Creatine Malate 3.3g
  • Beta Alanine 7.2g
  • Creatine Monohydrate 16.7g
  • L-Citrullene 10.0g
  • L-Tyrosine 2.7g
  • L-Leucine 6.7g 
  • L-Isoleucine 3.3g 
  • L-Valine 3.3g 
  • L-Glutamine 4.0g 
  • Taurine 0.4g 
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate 0.7g 
  • Caffeine 0.96g 
  • Glucuronolactone 4.0g 
  • Folic Acid 2.0mg 
  • Magnesium (Citrate) 1.2mg 
  • Zinc (Gluconate) 70mg 
  • Vitaminamin B12 26.7mcg 
  • Vitamin B3 133.3mg 
  • Vitamin B6 21.3mg 
  • Vitamin B5 20.0mg 
  • Vitamin C 666.7mg
  • and: Maltodextrin, Citric acid, Flavours, Ascorbic acid, Stabiliser (466), Silicon dioxide, Sucralose, Acesulphame Potassium, Ginger, Colour (102)

Contains Soy Lecithin

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